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Kingston University Computer Geeks Society


February 14, 2012

Tom Manning

Picture the scene: it’s 4am in the library, you’re writing that be-all-end-all essay, and with only your conclusion to go you nip downstairs for a coffee. You come back to find your computer has crashed, your essay has vanished and you’re left wondering, head in hands, tears in eyes, why there isn’t a SAVE ESSAY button on your keyboard. Well, your IT inadequacies could now be at an end, as we have some super-geeks on campus who are using their computer powers for good.

The Kingston University Computer Geeks Society (KUCGS) is the brainchild of Chief Geek and IT Overlord, Sean Kelly. I caught up with Sean to find out more about Kingston’s first – and only – computing society.

You’re a relatively new society: what gave you the motivation to set it up?

I went to the SU to sign up to a computer society but found out that there wasn’t one, and has never been one! I couldn’t believe this and so I started one myself. I just want to try and improve the lives of as many KU students as possible.

Some people might assume that you spend all your time glued to a PC in your bedroom: how would you dispel that myth?

I usually spend most of my PC time on the move – laptop/phone – and fit this in between the other parts of my life. We’re no different to other students and put our social lives first! The typical image of a geek locked away in his/her room for days is a total myth.

Do you have to be a technological wizard to join/benefit from the society?

No, absolutely not! We independently run lots of different weekly workshops/lectures that teach students a wide range of essential subjects. In fact we do very well at helping first years get on their feet.

You’ve been live-streaming lots events around the uni, like Freshers’ Fayre: do you have any other technological ambitions for KU?

Definitely. The university has now employed me to implement streaming across all faculties, starting with SEC. We are going to stream almost all of the lectures and, once that is in place, we will try to train others to stream within their own faculty. The vision is to get as many lectures regularly streamed – and therefore more accessible – as soon as possible.

Could you give me any quick tips for uni students to keep their PCs secure and speedy? 

There are so many, but some of the basics are: make sure you have  good anti-virus / internet security running at all times; regularly clean and organise your files and desktop and clear out the Recycle Bin; and configure your PC to do regular defrags and disk clean-ups. One of the best ways to learn about this sort of stuff is, simply, to Google it!


Sean just wants to improve the lives of all KU students: an admirable aspiration for any Miss World contestant, let alone a humble society president. The geeks have already developed strong relationships with some of the industry’s biggest players, including Microsoft and Google, and getting involved could lead to some CV boosting opportunities, great networking…and of course a drink or two.

To find out more visit, check out Kingston University’s Computer Geeks on Facebook or follow @KUCGS on Twitter!