LATEST: Universities UK and Guild HE hold hands up to hidden costs

Universities UK and Guild HE hold hands up to hidden costs


April 2, 2012

Reflecting the announcement last week that the Quality Assurance Agency has changed its code, and thanks to all of the hard work of students’ union officers up and down the UK, today Universities UK and Guild HE have announced that they are going to ensure that hidden and additional course costs are brought out into the open.

This is a big victory for the National Union of Students, who have this year led the student movement in a bid for Vice Chancellors to be accountable when it comes to hidden costs, and have now succeeded in getting the issue on a national agenda.

Liam Burns, NUS President, said: ‘I am sure you don’t need me to remind you of the massive difference this is going to make to students.  Ending the unfair practices of hidden and additional costs will ensure that students know up front what their course costs and what resources they need to make their time in education successful.’

He added: ‘There is no doubt that coming clean on hidden charges will encourage institutions to absorb them. But now it’s important that we work with our institutions to ensure that this becomes a reality.  I will continue talking to Universities UK and Guild HE about how we roll out this programme and make this a reality.

‘Next time you speak to your Vice Chancellor bring up this issue and make them know you are aware of the UUK/Guild HE statement and ask what your institution is going to be doing to make this a reality.  We all know that good campaigns are not about securing a pledge, but about how policies are implemented locally.’

A statement from UUK/GuildHE declared that: ‘All applicants and students deserve clear and accurate information about any additional costs that they will incur on a particular course or at an institution. This is an important aspect of the public information agenda as well as a matter of fairness and transparency. Understanding all costs and fees will help applicants to make informed choices and to plan ahead for their studies. We agree with the NUS that no student or applicant should be disadvantaged academically because of any additional costs.’